Our Story

Ones Salon started with a group of dedicated people who are driven by their passion for providing the best hair styling services. Before Ones Salon was born, they were working in one of the famous salons in Manila.  Being together for a long period of time, an idea came up of putting up a Hair Salon to continue their passion.

Putting up a salon was never an easy task – a lot of things were to consider. It was Raffy who motivated his wife (Salve) to completely trust in the Lord. His faith in God is remarkable.

Salve and Raffy, who is a firm believer in God’s promises, was able to put up the business by God’s grace. Despite all the difficulty and delay in achieving the goal, their faith and trust in the Lord helped them complete the task of opening the hair salon.

Salve and Raffy are also grateful to all the people who were used in making the impossible possible – friends, family, and clients who never doubted but believed and supported them, who worked with them in putting up Ones Salon and stayed with them.

It was on December 5, 2012, all these things were made possible by God. Truly, the Lord favors the works of His children for His glory.

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Our family is getting bigger with the most talented and passionate people. 

From the day we have started, our commitment is still the same: